Meet the Creator: Inspirations and Wisdom

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Meet the Creator: Inspirations and Wisdom

We’ve learned about Oy Brand’s origin story. We got excited about the prospect of two-piece sweatsuits. In the final part of our Q&A series, Mark Royal shares a bit of what makes him tick.

What advice can you offer on achieving boss status?

To achieve anything at all, you have to be true to your Official self. To reach boss status, you’ve gotta be yourself. It’s hard to help yourself if you don’t know who you’re helping and what you’re aiming for. Ideas are only ideas until they’re executed. We all have ideas, it’s about making them happen.

What does being the Official You mean to you?

Being the Official You simply means you’re authentic and you’re real. For anyone to be their Official self, they just need to be a person who’s not trying to be someone else. Someone who’s not going out of their way to be sworn into a bunch of things that aren’treally “them.” People change, they evolve with time, but no matter what, you need to be okay with being the raw and uncut version of yourself.

From where do you draw inspiration for the brand?

Sometimes it’s organic, sometimes I search for inspiration in life and the universe. I’m most inspired by people who can make something out of nothing. You can have little to nothing and you can still have it all.

When (and how) do you do your best work?

I write down ideas whenever they come up. I feel most inspired by the women in my life and in quiet and peaceful settings. I’m most creative when there are no distractions.

What keys to success have you discovered?

Be humble, never forget your gratitude, believe in your power to create the life you want, and execute it.

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