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No matter how you store your clothes and accessories after this holiday season, you'll be sure to have to tighten things up.

First, let’s make room for the items that make it to the keep and not the return pile. RIP to the clothes you've been “meaning to get rid of” and have not found time, because the time is Now!

Rule to go by If you haven't worn it in the last year...Bye. (Example: The tank you didn't wear once last summer..bye)

Try re-selling your gently used, never worn stuff but don't put too much time in it. Go ahead and give it to someone who has better use for it or donate it. Family members, friends, charity, homeless, etc. But don't throw them away, someone can surely use them. Layer older items with some new things to give them a fresh new look. Try adding some new accessories or shoes to an old outfit to liven it up.


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Beanie and hat season is here. Try our Classic OY DadHat or one of our FleeceLined Beanies. Stay warm and stylish all season long. Use those gift cards you received for the holidays to get must-have items such as our OY CERTIFIED RAINJACKET or our CLASSIC BLACK SEAL TSHIRT. Both are extremely versatile and can be worn almost anywhere. Last thing Boss, don't be afraid to try new trends & fun colors or prints you normally don't try. Start this new year with the Bold, Confident, and #Official version of yourself!


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