Quick Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe

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Spring is underway! While the increasingly warmer weather is starting to reflect the changing seasons, frequent rainy days are proof of the slow transition away from winter. During this seasonal flux, your wardrobe is also likely a mixed bag of cool-weather and warm-weather clothes. It’s time to start shifting the balance in your closet toward fresh spring looks -- but don’t abandon all your layers just yet!

Updating your wardrobe is more straightforward than you might expect (if you take time to plan it). Start by storing your heaviest winter coats. In their place, reach for lightweight outerwear pieces such as hoodies, blended-material shirts for layering underneath, and water-resistant outer layers such as hard shell zip-ups for rainy spells. As the season progresses, you can continue to add more warm-weather pieces and embrace a lighter wardrobe color scheme.

Layering Leaves YouReady for Anything

If spring weather has a downside, it’s gotta be its unpredictability. Skies can be clear one moment and threatening rain the next. Layer a cotton long sleeve in a bold color (such as royal blue) under a lightweight hooded jacket for buildable warmth that is simultaneously breathable in changing conditions. Long sleeve tees also provide additional UV protection on sunny yet breezy days.

As temperatures start to warm, you can swap in short sleeve tees. When you're out enjoying the weather, you want to make an instant impression on those around you. Aunique graphic tee can help you go out in style as things heat up. The right tee can make a statement whether it's worn solo or as a layer.

Hats and Other Accessories Are Still Fair Game

Beanies aren’t just for freezing winter weather! With early spring temperature swings and April showers, atrendy and colorful beanie can keep you dry and looking on point. Fingerless gloves and even a lightweight scarf can help stave off the worst of springtime chills, without making you look like you're stuck in winter.

Of course, accessories don't stop at wearable items. You can express your personal style with anything from your backpack or satchel to yourelectronics. Ultimately, no matter the season, remember to stay true to your own inner boss and you can’t go wrong.

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