How Do You OY? Part 1: Friday Night Out

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How Do You OY? Part 1: Friday Night Out

Every Oy Brand item is designed to draw out your inner boss attitude. But the type of boss you are depends on how you define the Official You, and that can evolve as you move from work to home to a night on the town.

So, we ask: how do you dress when you have somewhere important to be? How do you get pumped to go out and show the world your unique flavor? Whether it’s the perfect shirt, the perfect song, or a beast-mode mindset, our new blog series offers a glimpse into how we rock our OY.

How do you OY?

Destination: Friday Night Out

Whether you’re hitting up the bars, checking out a live show, or going on a date, go out with confidence and swagger. It’s time to enjoy yourself after a week of the daily grind.

Style:King Oy Tee

Our King Oy Tee comes in two bold statement colors:Royal Blue andPurple. Tonight, choose the one that reps the Official You. Dress it up with a top layer such as a sport coat or your favorite bomber jacket. If you’re an accessory type of guy, go wild.

Pump-up Jam: "Countin" by 2 Chainz

Getting ready? Pre-gaming? Kicking back with friends before hitting the town? The right song can set the tone for the rest of the night.

Motto: Stay 10 toes down for your crown.

We live by these words -- that’s why you can bring them to life withselect OY tees. Whatever your night looks like, it’s always a good idea to carry some words of wisdom with you through life. Let’s start here, because keeping your head in the game and giving life your all is the only way to go.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of #HowDoYouOY, where we’ll pick the perfect gym tee and set you up for workout success.

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