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You may have heard the age-old adage: “dress for the job you want.” Each day when you wake up, you have the opportunity to achieve your dreams -- so when you stand before your closet and slide on your daily attire, dress yourself in something that reflects your true ambition to the world. Don’t just dress for the job you want -- dress for the life you want. Your first chance to express your inner boss passes before you even leave the house. Here’s how to choose your wardrobe wisely.

#1) Stay 10 toes down for your crown

To be a boss, genuine confidence is key. The best fashion is about being true to your own flavor -- not putting on a false show. When you’re comfortable in your apparel, you can be comfortable in your own skin, and this is the crucial first step to unleashing your best self. Once you’re in the right headspace, you’re ready to commit yourself to your goals: whether you’re a creator, an athlete, a daily grinder… whatever you aspire for, be empowered to go for it.

#2) Be the Official You everywhere

OY stands for the Official You. We aim to create flavorful fashionwear featuring designs that transition from day to night, casual to dressy… whatever is on your daily plate. Versatile t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and more empower you to embrace and share your unique brand of authenticity everyday.

Hold onto these basic styling tips:

Daytime wear: No matter who you consider the Official You to be, a casual graphic tee and denim can go a long way as an everyday look. Curate a collection of t-shirts that capture various styles: long sleeves for winter temperatures, short sleeves for layering or wearing solo, black and white schemes for minimalist flair, and bold colors for days you want to make a statement (from gem tones such as royal blue and purple to natural shades like forest green and maroon). Wear yours to your day job, to class, to all your hangouts, to the gym, and everywhere in between.

Casual night on the town:For a kickback at a friend’s house, shenanigans at the club, bar hopping, and more, stay comfortable with a basic cotton crew neck, but jazz it up a bit by reaching for a flashy screenprint. Add your favorite watch for some wrist bling, and pair it with a leather belt and statement buckle that asserts your personal style.

Dressing to impress:When you’re on a date, at an A-list event, taking care of important business, or anywhere you want to look extra sharp, think sophistication layered on top of comfortable swag. Drape your favorite sport coat, a sleek winter bomber, or a double-breasted jacket over a crisp white or black tee for simple finesse. This is the time to steam your slacks and a subtle v-neck cut, polish your leather footwear, show off any embroidered wardrobe pieces, and pull on your go-to stunner accessories. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner gentleman.

All these seemingly minor details can often reveal the most about your unique sense of style and personality. Above all, dress with intention to display the Official You.

#3) Take pride in your wardrobe

Own the look; respect the look. You work hard to find and invest in apparel that is uniquely you. Protect your investment by taking care of the items in your closet. It’s hard to look sharp when your go-to pieces are worn out. Here’s how to keep your look fresh through proper care.

In the wash: Turn shirts with graphics, embroidery, or other delicate designs inside out before washing. Run your laundry on the cold cycle, use less detergent or opt for specialty soaps, wash denim and rough or textured fabrics separately to avoid rubbing and fading, and air dry whenever possible. These practices can help to preserve color brightness and prevent shrinkage. Finally, don’t get lazy with dry clean only items. At best, washing these will shorten their lifespan, and at worst, it can damage them completely.

In your closet: Make sure you’re storing your clothes properly. A suit won’t have that stunner effect if it’s crumpled on the floor, carelessly thrown in a drawer, or riddled with creases. Hang delicate or easily wrinkled items (but avoid hanging knits, as the weight on the hanger can cause stretching), and cover your most prized possessions with a garment bag. In your dresser, maximize your space and keep your clothes neat by learning proper folding techniques.

Before you leave the house: It’s time for a wardrobe check. Wrinkled slacks? Pull out the ironing board. Messy shirts? Invest in a home steamer to smooth things out in a time crunch. Keep leather polish on hand to remove scuffs and add shine to your shoes, belts, and wallets to ensure they look as good as they did when you first bought them.

#4) Get pumped

True style always circles back to confidence. Swagger starts and ends with your attitude. When you wake up, it’s time to boss out. Once you’re dressed for success, you can leave the house feeling pumped and ready to take on whatever the day has in store. Be your first source of inspiration, because being a boss all starts with you. Oy Brand is here to remind you of all this and help you take it to the next level.

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