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Jeans + your favorite tee = the dream team. You know it, Oy Brand knows it, and we’ve designed a collection of stylish graphic shirts to help you prove it everyday. Let’s review (almost) everything you need to know aboutselecting the perfect fit and wash, caring for your favorite pair, and styling denim with some of our favorite items.

Choosing Your Fit

Depending on your comfort zone and personal aesthetic, you may be partial to a specific type of fit, or you might choose to stock up on a few different looks. Here are the most common cuts you’ll likely come across from your favorite brands.

Slim/Straight:Because these aren’t as tightly fitted as skinny jeans, they offer a subtle hugging effect without suffocating. The cut is straight through the hip with a slightly tapered fit at the thigh, giving way to a looser yet decidedly narrow fit near the shin and ankle. Styles with “slim” in the title will, of course, offer a narrower fit, while straight-cut options provide a similar appearance with a bit more wiggle room.

Classic: Traditional men’s denim styles tend to be cut looser through the hip, thigh, shin, and ankle, with a generally straight, symmetrical profile from waist to leg opening.

Relaxed/Loose: If you prefer plenty of room to breathe, this is your fit, as it hangs loose from the rear to the natural-waist rise and all the way down to the relaxed ankle. This cut is well-loved for providing comfort plus a highly casual dose of blue jean swagger.

Which Wash?

The wash may also be referred to as the “rinse.” Selecting your wash is your chance to make the look your own. With so many options, from color, shade, and intensity to specialty effects such as fading, stitching, sanding, bleaching, and other distressing techniques, you’re sure to find a pair of jeans as unique as your individual style.

Classic Blue: This quintessential medium-blue tone is an especially perfect choice for pairing with basic cotton tees, jerseys, and other casual wardrobe staples.

Vintage: Intentional yet subtle distressing techniques are applied on this wash to give it a worn, lived-in, trendy look.

Dark Wash: Dark-rinse tones can range from deep, inky blues to near-black. They are easy to dress up or down, depending on your accompanying outfit selections. Dark wash jeans can require more careful upkeep in order to preserve their original hue.

Raw Denim: Raw denim is exactly what it sounds like -- pure, untreated, and unrinsed. Expect the breaking-in process to take a bit longer than usual, and be willing to put in a bit more effort to treat them with a gentle hand.

Black or White:While there are many shades of dyed or bleached jeans to choose from, black and white are favorites because they are nearly universal. Wear them with your casualwear or nudge your look toward dressy with the addition of a few more formal pieces.

Basic Denim Care

Once you have the perfect pair of jeans, it’s up to you to keep them in good shape. Try turning thesebasic denim care tips into habits.

Turn’ em inside-out:Flip those pants all the way inside-out when washing to better preserve the original color of your pair. A good pair of jeans can handle some tough love during wear, but avoid putting them through too much in the laundry.

Don’t overdo the detergent: Find a concentrated laundry detergent so you can use less and achieve the same level of clean. Less is more for most laundry, and it’s a good idea to avoid residue buildup from regular cycles.

Cold water only: Cool water is going to be more gentle on your denim, ultimately preserving the tone, texture, and overall quality for longer. Plus, opting for the cold cycle is better for the earth and your energy bills!

Skip the dryer: Heat often accelerates fading. If you’ve ever washed a brand-new beloved item only to pull it from the dryer two sizes too small, you know shrunken clothes can be devastating. Avoid all this by air-drying instead.

Completing the Look

Jeans and graphic tees go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter your preferred fit or wash, Oy Brand styles transition from ultra-casual with a pair of classic wash jeans to sleek with a black, white, or dark wash pair. Here are a few of our favorite pairing suggestions:

Simple, Sharp, and Classy:OY Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee in Black + Straight Fit + black or Dark Wash Denim

Fun and Casual:King OY Short Sleeve Tee in Purple + Classic Wash or White Denim + any fit

Everyday: OY Seal Short Sleeve Tee in Forest + your favorite pair

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