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We love leather for its timeless wow factor, undeniable sleekness, and unprecedented durability. However, even the most durable products require regular care to last long and live up to their maximum potential.

From stylishsmartphone cases to uniquekeychains and eventablet sleeves, Oy Brand products often feature leather accents. We also love dressing up a comfortable graphic tee with classy leather belts, shoes, patchbeanies, and more. But how can you keep your leather loot in good shape?

Reference this basic guide totake proper care of your favorite leather accessories.

1. Wipe it down regularly

Wipe down the exterior surface of your leather products using a slightly damp cloth, then buff dry using a soft and dry cloth. For heavily used accessories, do this once each week. Gently used items do not require as much cleaning or maintenance.

2. Condition occasionally

Conditioning products essentially serve as moisturizing lotion for your leather items. It’s not a bad idea to keep a high-quality leather conditioner on hand for occasional treatments. How often you condition depends on the texture you desire; more frequent conditioning will make for softer leather. For most accessories, a good rule of thumb is to treat your leather surfaces once or twice each year to prevent drying and cracking.

3. Polish is optional

While by no means required, an occasional polishing regimen can offer additional moisture and shine to leather surfaces. It’s best to use a neutral-toned polish (such as white or grey) to avoid mismatched shades.

4. Don’t overstuff wallets, bags, and cases

Be careful not to overfill leather wallets, bags, andelectronics cases. Doing so can lead to stretched, warped, cracked, or otherwise misshapen leather. While leather can expand, it does not shrink back to its original size once stretched, so use your leather tablet case for its intended purpose only! A few extra papers or important documents won’t hurt, but a leather case is not a substitute for a plastic binder or notebook.

5. Store smart

Avoid exposing your leather goods to prolonged or direct sunlight, which can cause premature fading. When not in use, store in a clean, dry, cool, and shaded place that is protected from dust. If your leather accessories get wet, always allow them to air dry, as forced heat can cause damage such as shrinking and cracking.

6. A little wear and tear is good

Leather will start to develop a natural “patina” as a result of normal wear and tear over time. This effect is in high demand, as it gives each leather surface its own unique personality. There’s no need to go out of your way to preserve leather until immaculate, but because excess damage can weaken leather structure, it’s smart to stay on top of unwanted flaws such as deep scuffs.

7. Gently remove undesired scuffs

Use a damp cloth dipped in a sprinkle of baking soda tosmooth out undesired scuffs. Buff dry with a soft, dry cloth (microfiber works best for this).

8. Leather care differs from suede care

Do not use conditioning products or apply moisture to suede surfaces (aka: the soft interior of the hide). If you must clean the suede interior of your leather products, use a special suede brush.

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